Beyonce and Lady Gaga have teamed up in the studio on 2 highly anticipated and top-secret tracks. First up is “Video Phone Remix” comes from Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce which is set for a special re-launch this month. The song remains mostly untouched but does feature a new verse and some ad-libs from Lady Gaga throughout the track. The video for this song has been put together and was set for a November 5th release but Sony decided to push it back to coincide with Beyonce’s album re-release.

Next up is Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” from her The Fame: Monster release also scheduled for a November 23rd release.

Personally, I liked the original version of Beyonce’s Video Phone enough that I wouldn’t have changed it but I love the direction of “Telephone.” It’s typical Lady Gaga music and shows Beyonce’s versatility and her Sasha Fierce toughness.

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