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On Friday, the officiating at the FIFA World Cup came a bit more into focus.

A controversial call took a goal away from the United States late in their match against Slovenia. As a result, the American team had to settle for a 2-2 draw with Slovenia. The U.S. was denied a chance to become the first team ever to rally for a win after trailing a World Cup match 2-0.

Friday night, there was a report that referee Koman Coulibaly would not be used by FIFA for any more matches in the World Cup. Monday, FIFA indeed moved in that direction, keeping Coulibaly off its list of referees for upcoming matches.

The latest list covers matches being played Tuesday and Wednesday. Included in that is the next game for the U.S., which comes Wednesday against Algeria in Pretoria. The Americans can advance to the round of 16 with a win, or they can draw the match and get help from the other Group C match, which pits England against group leader Slovenia in Port Elizabeth.

Coulibaly is not on the list, as a referee or an assistant.

Moreover, FIFA looks to have assigned a highly-respected referee to the U.S.-Algeria match. Frank De Bleeckere of Belgium will work the next game for the Americans.

FIFA has come under fire during this World Cup for a number of controversial calls that have been made, including another one Monday that saw a Swiss player sent off with a red card against Chile. Brazilian star Kaka appeared to be on the wrong end of a bad call Sunday, getting his second yellow card of the World Cup — leaving him ineligible for Brazil’s match against Portugal Friday — on a call that looked to be marginal at best.

The call that went against the Americans in the 86th minute Friday may have cost them a win, but another controversial call by Coulibaly will carry effects over to Wednesday. Robbie Findley was given a yellow card erroneously for a handball in the first half, and he will have to miss that match against Algeria. It was his second yellow of the World Cup.

Dallas Police have released video of Tennessee Titan QB Vince Young in a back room altercation at a strip club over the weekend. While the cause of the fight has not been released, reports suggest that Young was extremely cooperative with authorities and could face a fine of up to $500.

While the fight is not expected to draw punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it does come as a surprise to some who followed Young’s personal struggles off the field over the last 2 seasons.