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After a highly publicized domestic incident with his girlfriend’s father, it appears that Fransisco Rodriguez – more commonly known as “K-Rod” – is out for the rest of the season after sustaining a torn ligament in the thumb of his throwing hand.

After a 2-game suspension following the attack, Rodriguez returned to the mound Saturday pitching with some discomfort in his throwing hand which he reported to the team on Sunday. The star pitcher underwent an examination at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City where it was discovered he had torn a ligament; no surgery has been scheduled yet.

‘Obviously I’m disappointed, discouraged, frustrated,’ Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. ‘When you get this kind of news it’s … we’ve just been through a lot. We seem to continue to have difficulties keeping things from — having these type of injuries or these type of setbacks. Every year it seems like we get a little something here or there.’

To add insult to K-Rod’s obvious injury is the fact that he may now have to forfeit his contract, or at least the remainder of this season’s contract because the injury occurred during a non-baseball event. According to “Rodriguez is owed $11.5 million in 2011 and has a vesting option for 2012 at $17.5 million that will kick in if he finishes 55 games next season and is healthy as the guaranteed portion of the contract concludes.” It’s rumored that the Mets organization is exploring all of its options.

While the temper flare isn’t the first in Rodriguez’s history with the Mets, nor the first on his rap-sheet, it is the first time that he’s been formally charged since coming to Flushing. During the 2009 season, K-Rod was in several altercations both in and outside of the clubhouse – first with a former executive on a team bus, then again with a bullpen coach and also with Yankees pitcher Bruney during warm-ups last June.

Rodriguez is due back in court for the 3rd degree domestic charge. Because it is considered a “domestic violence” case, the New York District Attorney will have to process this case regardless of whether or not the father-in-law decides to press charges.

TMZ is reporting that Jay-Z is being sued for almost $140k in outstanding payments to Air Platinum Holding for 55 hours of private flying time…

Jay-Z — aka Shawn Carter — is being sued by Air Platinum Holding, a private jet company which claims Jigga spent 55 hours on their planes back in 2009 … but only paid for 37 hours of service.

The suit also claims Jay-Z flaked out on some other payments as well — here’s how it all breaks down:

— 18 hours of flight time at $4,500-per-hour (discounted from $6,000-per-hour) … $81,000
— Catering for 17 domestic flights ($500-per-flight) …. $8,500
— Catering for 4 international flights ($750-per-flight) … $3,000
— International fees … $8,500
— Taxes … $12,285
— Luxury trip to England … $24,200

It all adds up to $137,485.00 …

Chris Brown has been denied access to Great Britain as part of a small summer tour series due to his conviction from a 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna. is reporting:

Officials confirmed to BBC News that the singer’s visa application was scuttled: “We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offense. Public safety is one of our primary concerns.”

Brown took to Twitter last night to express his disappointment in the visa denial but has since deleted those comments.

The newest cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan, is learning about the downside to her new found fame after being pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign in Southhampton.

Authorities say she failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. She was taken to the station and charged with a DWI.

Reality TV personality Tila Tequila has filed a lawsuit against San Diego Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman in relation to their September altercation – Merriman was never charged.

At the time of the fight, Tequila filed a citizen’s arrest making claims of both battery and false imprisonment against Merriman but the case was later dismissed by the San Diego District Attorney.

According to, “Tequila is seeking damages for assault, battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress.”

Tila Tequila files suit vs. Shawne Merriman – ESPN

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Oh Carrie Prejean, the California Pageant board must be so proud of you. Once again, Carrie raised eyebrows and blood pressure during a television interview, this time with Larry King. After King asked her the reason she decided to settle a lawsuit between herself and the pageant board, she insisted that he was being “inappropriate” and then proceeded to remove her mic and earpiece before walking off the set.

Story from: Perez Hilton

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Story from PerezHilton