The tracklisting for Lil Wanye’s new “rock” project has rumored to leak online. Slated for a December 22nd release, the album which includes the rock & roll hit “Prom Queen” was originally scheduled to drop this past April as a follow-up to the “Prom Queen” single.

Rebirth Track List: 1. American Star 2. Prom Queen 3. Ground Zero 4. Da Da Da 5. Paradise 6. Get A Life 7. On Fire 8. Drop The World 9. Runnin 10. One Way Trip 11. Knockout 12. The Price Is Wrong (

According to Billboard Magazine:

The set will be packaged as a dual disc along with the Young Money collective, We Are Young Money. In addition to Infamous and Correa, producers Cool & Dre and Develop also have tracks on Rebirth, while Fall Out Boy is featured. The latter comes after their first collaboration on Fall Out Boy’s 2008 release, Folie a Deux. Lenny Kravitz, Travis Barker and Young Money/Cash Money artist Drake also appear on the set. Although the album is mostly rock inspired, with Lil Wayne playing guitar on most of the tracks, the leaked song, “Fix My Hat,” produced by Drew Money, is one of the few rap tracks that made it onto the Rebirth set.

Check out Wanye discussing the tour:

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